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A very important piece of jewellery for a lovely lady, made by Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

At Christmas, we were asked to make a very special ring for a lady, which incorporated this stunning effect that's provided by the combination of a Black Diamond in the centre surrounded by the striking richness of the rubies and mounted in white gold, just to add to the visual delight.

There's little for us to say with this design because we think that the ring speaks for its self. We hope you agree

Posted in Designs by Steve on 13/01/2015

Diamonds are a girls favourite stone at Buchanans Jewellers

This is a truly lovely setting. Set in 18ct white gold, the three claw settings do a fantastic job of showing of round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

This couple wanted to use three stones from a collection of jewellery, and make a pendant and earring suite, which, if she wanted to, she could wear everyday.

Three claws tend to accentuate the round stone in an elegant and simple way. Naturally we've provided butterflies for the earrings (just for that added element of security)

Time to start digging out your diamonds ladies.........


Posted in Designs by Steve on 24/06/2014

A very happy client with a design from the workshops of Buchanans Jewellers

This lady was over the moon with her new diamond ring. We’ve taken her diamonds from a worn ring, and set them into a handmade, more contemporary design which means she can wear it all the time.

In white gold with a highly polished setting surface, and with her diamonds which are set flush with the surface, the ring will mellow with everyday wearing in such a way that the diamonds will become the key feature.

And the cost of this ring? Well actually, in this case, the lady hasn’t had to hand over a penny to us because she cleverly offset the cost with old jewellery that she longer wore.

If you have pieces of jewellery that you no longer wear and want to re invigorate your jewellery collection, come and talk to us in our Lymington showroom over a cup of coffee and see if you can be involved in designing the next classic piece of jewellery.

Posted in Designs by Steve on 03/06/2014

Buchanans Jewellers completes a clients design

We have pleasure in presenting a ring made using our clients stone, set according to her design in a handmade yellow gold mount and accompanied by two brilliant cut diamonds from our diamond supplier.

This beautiful deep red oval cabochon cut stone sits well in this rub over setting, which was a challenge for our workshop because the oval shape has several different curves, all of which had to be a snug fit in the mount.

A triumphant job and a happy client. And deep smiles at Buchanans


If you have a design in mind, we'd love to sit down and chat it through with you, and help you achieve something unique and personal.

Posted in Designs by Steve on 28/04/2014

A stunning Tanzanite and Diamond ring from Buchanans Jewellers

Another stunning ring fresh from our workshops.

The new owner wanted to use the diamonds from her engagement ring and combine them with a beautiful oval Tanzanite, and set them in white gold in such a way so as to look feminine and elegant.

We took our time to find the right Tanzanite, and the right setting design, and now this ring is in it's rightful place on her right hand looking fanatstic.


If you want to learn more about Tanzanites, click on this link 

Posted in Designs by Steve on 18/03/2014

From the workshops of Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

This extraordinary ring was commissioned through us for a special occasion.

In 18ct Yellow Gold, with a textured finish, the centre stone is a beautiful Green Tourmaline, and we've flush set a brilliant cut diamond on either side.

The beauty of the textured finish is that it sets of the vibrancy of the Green Tourmaline perfectly, whilst the two diamonds become visually more dominant.

So, another very happy client.

If you have a design in mind for a piece of jewellery, allow the boys at Buchanans Jewellers to indulge your imagination and desires.

Visit us in our showroom on Lymington's High Street, or our web site to find out more about us.

Posted in Designs by Steve on 31/01/2014

Buchanans Jewellers.....our exclusive Christmas designs

Cast your eyes over this beautiful Iolite pendant.

We've taken two marquise cut Iolite's with their beautiful purple blue hue, and set them into a very

simple but elegant hand made silver pendant.

This is a Buchanans design and made in our workshop, and is one of several that are being

completed in time to find themselves adorning the neck of lucky ladies for Christmas.

Posted in Designs by Steve on 07/12/2012

Buchanans Jewellers design service

We were asked by a client to design a pendant using a beautiful Ruby and two lovely old cut diamonds from a family ring.

The brief was to incorporate the stones in an exciting pendant that captured the clients sense of style with a nod to traditional settings.

The final design was for a three piece pendant which was adaptable, made in 18ct white gold and hung on a white gold Hayseed design chain.

It can be worn as just a ruby pendant, a single or two stone diamond pendant or a two stone or three stone ruby and diamond pendant.

And since making the pendant, we've now made a pair of earrings to match.

So if you have a family piece that you no longer wear, and would like to have the stones set in a more contemporary design, come and have a coffee and a chat with us in Lymington. Who knows, you may own the next all time Design Classic!!



Posted in Designs by Steve on 12/09/2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend........Buchanans knows this very well.

Iain and Steve have been very busy just recently and have put together a small selection of diamonds, not just for engagement rings, but for pendants and earrings as well.

Some of these lovely stones have already found their way into pieces that are on display in our window.

But we've kept a few stones back so that you can have the opportunity to select your own diamond and ask us to mount it specially for you, and why have just one, when you can select several and make a really unique piece of jewellery.

Come and talk to us in Lymington

Posted in Designs by Steve on 11/05/2012

Buchanans Bespoke Jewellery Design

Did you know that we can design and create beautiful jewellery just for you?

An individually designed engagement or wedding ring, or a piece of jewellery for a special birthday or anniversary really means a lot to people. Every year we work with many of our customers to create one off pieces, often re-designing their pre-loved or unwanted jewellery. A gemstone from an old ring could become a new necklace, an earring could be transformed into a precious ring, the ideas really are endless.

Why not come along to talk to us about the possibilities? We take time to explore your ideas, and are able to give expert advice on the best way to create a durable, long living and beautiful piece of jewellery to fit in with your personal design preferences.

We will develop detailed sketches of your ideas for you before creating your new item of silver, gold or platinum jewellery in our workshop. Find out more about our commissions here.

Buchanans are based in the High Street in Lymington, Hampshire, do give us a call on 01590 670050 or drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you.

beposke jewellery design by Buchanans of Lymington

From a simple sketch to a precious piece of jewellery, Buchanans have the expertise to realise your dreams...


Posted in Designs by Steve on 18/04/2012

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