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The Birthstone for October is.............Opal

Think of Opal, and you think of whites or pale colours, but actually the sky's the limit.

For instance, the pendant below which can be found in our shop in Lymington alongside other designs, uses black opal and although this one displays blues greens and whites, the beauty of opal is plethora of other colours that you find. And we mustn't forget Fire Opal, the stunning faceted, rich orange coloured stone

The October birthstone is associated with hope, innocence and purity, naturally qualities that the staff at Buchanans Jewellers possess in abundance!!

And who can forget the popular sweet known as........Opal Fruits, made to make your mouth water, fresh with the tang of citrus..........


The Birthstone for September is.............Sapphire

A livelier emerald twinkles in the grass, A purer sapphire melts into the sea.


Septembers birthstone is one of the most amazing stones known to man.........Sapphire.

A truly beautiful stone that has a wide variety of blue hues to satisfy everybodies desires.

But it doesn't stop there. Sapphires can be found in pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, black and white 

And finally who could forget the classic TV series "Sapphire and Steel"

Have you ever wondered what Buchanans Jewellers of Lymington can do for you

We're often asked what services we can provide for all our clients. So here we go...........

We can

carry out all manner of jewellery repairs

supply stones

reset stones

hand engrave and seal engrave

restring necklaces and bracelets

design new pieces of jewellery

redesign family pieces into more contempory designs

provide a full silversmithing service

carry out repairs, servicing and restoration work to watches clocks and barometers

provide a full Insurance Valuation service

assist with insurance claims

And we do all this is with huge smiles on our faces because we enjoy what we do.

And just in case we haven't listed a service that you need, email us at with your question and we'll find a way to help.



The Birthstone for August is.............Peridot

At Buchanans Jewellers we love Peridot. We usually keep our eyes peeled for nice stones which we set and sell, either as comission pieces or for stock but the stock pieces sell really quickly due to the colour of the stone.

The vivid green colour of Peridot reminds people of lush green fields or clear mountain springs and it's said that it’s properties impart awareness, wisdom and strength to the wearer.

It gets its distinctive colour from the presence of a small amount of iron.

It was said to have the power to drive away evil spirits, and that the power was intensified if it was set in gold

And if you drunk from goblets carved from Peridot folk lore has it that the power strengthened.

What we can tell you is that it's a stunning stone, suited to white gold and blends beautifully with diamonds


Christening Gifts in The New Forest

Here at Buchanans Jewellers, we find that many people like to buy jewellery as Christening or Naming day presents for their Grandchildren, Godchildren, nieces or nephews. A piece of jewellery can last a lifetime and become a most treasured and valued possession once a child is older. We can help you choose a necklace or bracelet for a little girl, or a pair of cufflinks or a watch for a little boy to use when he is older. Specialist items such as silver photo frames can also be ordered in.

We have just received this lovely thank you letter:

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to find a child sized pearl necklace for my Granddaughter's naming day recently. You all went out of your way to help me out, and the resulting necklace is just perfect and something I am sure she will wear a lot when she is older." Sue, Hythe, Hampshire

Why not drop into our shop in the High Street, Lymington to browse for Christening gift ideas?

Did you know this about platinum

Platinum Fast Facts from Buchanans in Lymington

Did you know that:-

3= The number of Olympic sized swimming pools that would be filled if you melted down all the gold in the world............however, all the worlds platinum would only just cover your ankles in one Olympic sized swimming pool

1km=The length of 1kg of platinum if it was made into a wire

1768=The melting point of platinumin degrees C. This means it requires more skill to work with than gold which melts at 1064c

263,000=The number of platinum items hallmarked in the UK in 2009

1557=The year of the first European reference to platinum made in the writings of Italian humanist Julias Caesar Scaliger

And finally If you melted down all the platinum jewellery sold in the UK into a cube, it would fit into the boot of a mini

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