A New Year, A New Setting. Remounting a stunning Pear shaped diamond for our client

This Pear shaped diamond needed a new setting, and it had to be identical in design to the original ring (without the wear of course).

With this ring, it was necessary to make a wax model from the stone’s dimensions, along with the dimensions of the brilliant cut diamonds that surrounded it, hence the purple ‘ring’ in this montage.

From the wax model, it was possible to produce the new settings and shank. This ring is made from 3 parts. The top plate which holds the stones, the under gallery that supports it all and finally the shank. It was then that the diamond setter's skills come to the fore, to finish the ring off and produce many smiles from a happy client.  


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A very important piece of jewellery for a lovely lady, made by Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

At Christmas, we were asked to make a very special ring for a lady, which incorporated this stunning effect that's provided by the combination of a Black Diamond in the centre surrounded by the striking richness of the rubies and mounted in white gold, just to add to the visual delight.

There's little for us to say with this design because we think that the ring speaks for its self. We hope you agree

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Engagement ring and his and her's wedding rings from Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

A couple who asked us to help with their engagement ring and then both wedding rings, recently got married and have very kindly sent us pictures of their rings which they've said we could share with our clients.

If we've helped with your rings and you'd like to share a picture of them we'd be delighted to do the same for you.

Or, if you want our advice, guidance and help in selecting your engagement ring and wedding rings, especially at this most romantic and meaningful time of the year, we're waiting to be of assistance to you.

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A watch lovers dream at Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

Every now and again something wonderful is brought into us for advice and this is no exception.

This watch, housed in an 18ct yellow gold case, hides a very intricate movement.

Apart from telling the time, this watch has a chronograph function with a flyback sweep seconds hand so that you can time events as they start and finish.

But, the gem of this watch (as if being a chronograph wasn’t enough) is that by pressing the button that is at the top of the image the watch will tell you what the last hour and the last ¼ of the hour was by sounding on two gongs that run around the outside of the movement and inside the case.

And when this watch was made, that was a fantastic piece of micro engineering with all the parts drawn on paper by hand and made by hand.

Much excitement in Buchanans

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Diamonds are a girls favourite stone at Buchanans Jewellers

This is a truly lovely setting. Set in 18ct white gold, the three claw settings do a fantastic job of showing of round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

This couple wanted to use three stones from a collection of jewellery, and make a pendant and earring suite, which, if she wanted to, she could wear everyday.

Three claws tend to accentuate the round stone in an elegant and simple way. Naturally we've provided butterflies for the earrings (just for that added element of security)

Time to start digging out your diamonds ladies.........


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A wedding ring for the man who likes something unique from Buchanans

A unique design for your man who wants an aide memoir and a bit of masculine bling.

This particular Titanium ring, whose grey colouring can be either polished or have a matt finish applied, is deeply engraved with the date of the wedding (handy for future wedding anniveraries) and with a little added bling in the form of three flush set Black Diamonds. These diamonds lend themselves well to the colouring of the Titanium, but of course we can set any colour stone that takes your desire.

And of course if your man has a great memory, you can choose to have a message, symbol or pattern engraved.

As usual with Buchanans, there is no limit to your imagination and our desire to satisfy it for you.


A very happy client with a design from the workshops of Buchanans Jewellers

This lady was over the moon with her new diamond ring. We’ve taken her diamonds from a worn ring, and set them into a handmade, more contemporary design which means she can wear it all the time.

In white gold with a highly polished setting surface, and with her diamonds which are set flush with the surface, the ring will mellow with everyday wearing in such a way that the diamonds will become the key feature.

And the cost of this ring? Well actually, in this case, the lady hasn’t had to hand over a penny to us because she cleverly offset the cost with old jewellery that she longer wore.

If you have pieces of jewellery that you no longer wear and want to re invigorate your jewellery collection, come and talk to us in our Lymington showroom over a cup of coffee and see if you can be involved in designing the next classic piece of jewellery.

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Buchanans Jewellers completes a clients design

We have pleasure in presenting a ring made using our clients stone, set according to her design in a handmade yellow gold mount and accompanied by two brilliant cut diamonds from our diamond supplier.

This beautiful deep red oval cabochon cut stone sits well in this rub over setting, which was a challenge for our workshop because the oval shape has several different curves, all of which had to be a snug fit in the mount.

A triumphant job and a happy client. And deep smiles at Buchanans


If you have a design in mind, we'd love to sit down and chat it through with you, and help you achieve something unique and personal.

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A stunning Tanzanite and Diamond ring from Buchanans Jewellers

Another stunning ring fresh from our workshops.

The new owner wanted to use the diamonds from her engagement ring and combine them with a beautiful oval Tanzanite, and set them in white gold in such a way so as to look feminine and elegant.

We took our time to find the right Tanzanite, and the right setting design, and now this ring is in it's rightful place on her right hand looking fanatstic.


If you want to learn more about Tanzanites, click on this link 

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Valentines Day and Calvin Klein at Buchanans Jewellers

Arriving in our window just in time for Valentines Day, this lovely range from Calvin Klein is based, very appropriately, on hearts.

In keeping with all Calvin Klein jewellery, the collection is made from stainless steel, which is highly polished.

Prices for the items are from £50 to £60 and they make a great gift all year round, but especially at Valentines.


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