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A watch lovers dream at Buchanans Jewellers in Lymington

Every now and again something wonderful is brought into us for advice and this is no exception.

This watch, housed in an 18ct yellow gold case, hides a very intricate movement.

Apart from telling the time, this watch has a chronograph function with a flyback sweep seconds hand so that you can time events as they start and finish.

But, the gem of this watch (as if being a chronograph wasn’t enough) is that by pressing the button that is at the top of the image the watch will tell you what the last hour and the last ¼ of the hour was by sounding on two gongs that run around the outside of the movement and inside the case.

And when this watch was made, that was a fantastic piece of micro engineering with all the parts drawn on paper by hand and made by hand.

Much excitement in Buchanans

Posted in News by Steve on 28/09/2014

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