An Eye for Classic Designs

A thought. A reminiscence - or just a question that makes time stand still. A caress that paints the day in broad brush strokes, gently and peacefully, like a quiet smile on someone's lips. A glance between two people. Quality time spent with good friends, or perhaps just with that special someone. Life's a multitude of colours - like beads on a string. The most beautiful links joined together by the strongest chain. Like Lovelinks at Buchanans.

We invite you to challenge your personality. Choose your favourite colours in sparkling Murano glass. Combine it with timeless silver. Add a touch of the sun's rays in the form of 14ct gold. Combine crystals with real gemstones as symbols of all that makes life worth living. The most beautiful colours - from classic greys to bold pink and the warm tones that Autumn brings. Combine colours, beads and links exactly as you wish - to suit your mood and the occasion. An enchanting world of possibilities.