Friendly and fun staff

We are Buchanans - Jewellers of Lymington

We are the New Forest's most exciting jewellers. We mix service of the highest quality with a dash of humour and a lot of fun.

We've spent a long time in the jewellery profession, in fact in excess of 50 years between us (we're really not that old… honest). During that time we've made a lot of friends within the trade, and that helps us to find new and exciting items for the shop, not to mention our ability to satisfy all your jewellery related requirements.

It also means the stock that we hold belies the jewellery that we are able to obtain on request.

During the week there are three people working away at the shop and you'll certainly meet one of the them when you visit us.

Friendly and fun staff


Steve, who co owns the shop with Iain, has spent 11,680 days in the jewellery trade, initially as a clock restorer then as a manager then as an owner.

He gets excited when he is given the chance to design new pieces of jewellery for clients and presenting the finished article, sometimes with tissues to hand for the lucky recipient!


Leah sought out Buchanans for its friendly and fun approach to the Jewellery trade. She loves helping you find that perfect piece whether as a gift or to spoil yourself.

Leah is originally from the west coast of America and is now living in the beautiful New Forest with her husband.


After a career as an award winning manager with Goldsmith Group, Iain felt that the time was right to enter into project Buchanans, even if it was with Steve.

The looks and the brains of the outfit, Iain understands that an exceptional business is built on exceptional quality and service.